Terms & Conditions 


Using OmInfra.com is subject to follow the Terms of Uses set for users at the site. Visiting the site means you accept all these Terms of Uses in all ways. If you do not agree with one or more of them, you are prohibited to visit the site, so you can leave the site immediately.

OmInfra sets forth some valuable Terms of Uses for governing the uses of certain products, services, material, features and facilities available on the website. The site offers facilities including download areas, Warehouse Information, Land, Lease, Rental with Property Information communication forums and services. For using all these services, users agree to comply with all of these terms and conditions set on it. The right to use the website is a personal affair to User, and the right is not transferable to any other person. The user itself is accountable for all uses and personal information of User Accounts like user name and password. They shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of user name, password and other personal information.  Make sure that all uses and information of User’s Account complies completely with the necessities of this agreement.

OmInfra reserves all rights to change and discontinue any feature or aspect of the website including content, services, facilities, hours of availability, equipment, etc.

About Services

OmInfra provides users with access to various resources and services that include listing a property for the purpose of rent, Sale, Lease,  posting user property requirement rent, preparing rental or lease agreements, collecting rent and collecting security deposit etc. All these services can be modified with required updates, enhancements, new features, and any new website as well. All these changes and updates are subject to the Terms of Use.

The website may contain various types of communication services like email services, chat areas, forums, personal profile pages, photos which are designed to enable site users to communicate with others. Users must commit to using these communication services only to post and send material that is appropriate, applicable and relevant to the particular communication service. They are not allowed to use these communication services for junk mails and surveys, etc. which violet the credibility of the site.

User Demeanor

Users of the website are allowed to use its services, features, facilities, products and other material for lawful purposes only. Through the website, they are not allowed to post or transmit any materials which infringe the rights of others in any way. Posting or transmitting any abusive, defamatory, unlawful, threatening, vulgar, objectionable, obscene or profane material will be a criminal offense and subject to prosecution against the offender.

About the Content on OmInfra

OmInfra.com contains trademarks, information and copyrighted material including text, images, audios, videos, graphics, music, software, etc. The entire digital contents on the website are copyrighted that come up as a collective work under India’s Trademark and Copyright laws. OmInfra has a copyright in the selection, arrangement, coordination, and enhancement of such content. So Users are not allowed to modify, copy, transmit, publish and sell any part or whole of the content available on the website.

Users are not allowed to upload, post or provide any material that is protected by third-party copyright, trademark without the permission of the owner. They need to determine that the material they are uploading to the website is not protected by copyright. Users shall be exclusively accountable for any harm caused by such a submission.

Rights of Modification in Terms of Uses

OmInfra reserves all rights to update the Terms of Uses at any time without any prior notice to users. For the safe use of the website, Users need to visit the Terms of Use page frequently to know the updates taken place in them at times. 

Terms & Conditions Updated on 20-July-2019